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Cat Broom



Cats become a part of your family. They are like children, only better behaved. Having cats in the house is a sign of a happy home, but with cat ownership comes cleaning responsibility.

One consequence of cat ownership is shedding and the fuss and hassle of cleaning up fur from around the house. Cats shed all of the time which means that cleaning up shed fur is a never ending task. Getting rid of cat hair is no easy job; it requires effort and usually results in a workout!

There are a lot of different ways to remove cat fur from around the house. The problem is that the convenient methods aren’t very effective, and the effective methods aren’t very convenient (like dragging out the vacuum cleaner several times a day just to stay ahead of cleaning up shed fur). Vacuum cleaners aren’t quick or easy to grab for on-the-go cleanup and hard bristled brooms aren’t versatile on multiple surfaces and only really push fur around on hardwood and linoleum anyway.

Yellowtop products are electrostatically charged to remove cat fur from virtually any household surface. Yellowtop products are commercial grade cleaning tools engineered for industry and now in limited availability to homeowners. Yellowtop is a Midwest company based in St Louis, Missouri and with a Midwest commitment to service. We believe that your Yellowtop products will make your life easier, your cat happier and your life a cleaner and more organized place! Yellowtop products are premium grade and quality made in the USA.

Here are some pro tips for optimal fur removal results:

  • Push down on your Yellowtop product and apply pressure while using
  • Pull the broom towards you for best results
  • Keep level with the surface you are sweeping
  • Remove fur from broom before going over another section.

This thing is amazing. Requires a little extra effort compared to a vacuum, but worth it.”

Get one for the house, one to use in the garage and one for the truck, RV or minivan. Click here now to save time and increase cleanliness!