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Cat Brush


It is natural for cats to shed their fur. Shedding is one way that cats keep their fur healthy. In the wild, a cat will shed their coat twice a year. However an indoor cat can shed their coat several times a year. All that fur has to go somewhere and household surfaces are where it all ends up.

Shedding fur is healthy for cats. There is nothing you can do to stop it. There is something you can do to control the disruptive impact that shedding has on your life and cleaning schedule. Vacuuming every day to control fur buildup around the house is not a convenient or an effective option. While you can’t stop your pet from shedding, the major challenge remains how to remove fur and hair from household surfaces.

There are options for cleaning up cat fur around the house. Getting the vacuum cleaner out several times a day is time-consuming and inconvenient, but it is an option. Many of these options damage surfaces and are quite simply ineffective. For example, a vacuum cleaner or a plastic bristle broom can scratch hardwood flooring and damage baseboards. Plus, vacuums and traditional brooms do not work on both carpet and hardwood. A vacuum will simply push the hair around a hard surface and good luck with a straw or plastic bristled broom on carpet.

Yellowtop products remove cat fur from virtually any household surface. Yellowtop products are electrostatically charged to attract and grab cat fur better than a lint brush. Yellowtop products remove very fine and embedded cat hair while also disposing of dander better than a vacuum, reducing allergens. “Wow, it gets the fur out.”

Yellowtop products are made of non-marking rubber bristles that will not damage surfaces. Yellowtop products dig deep down into chairs, corners and into carpeting to clean where other tools cannot reach. 

Yellowtop brushes are a commercial grade cleaning solution not previously available to homeowners. We are a family owned Midwest company with Midwest values and a family owned commitment to service. Yellowtop products are built to last because they are made in the USA and built to the high standards of American quality.





Very impressive, quality seems to be top notch and nothing feels flimsy about the product.”

Here are some pro tips for optimal fur removal results:

  • Push down on your Yellowtop product and apply pressure while using
  • Pull the brush towards you for best results
  • Keep level with the surface you are brushing
  • Remove fur from brush before going over another section.

This thing is amazing. Requires a little extra effort compared to a vacuum, but worth it.”

Less expensive and more convenient than a vacuum. Less damaging and more efficient than other alternatives. Click now to save time and increase cleanliness!