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Dog Brush




We love our dogs and treat them as members of our family. But why should we sacrifice a clean house just because we have dogs? Dog care comes with the maintenance headache of constantly shedding fur. Routine cleaning helps keep your household looking good in spite of the ongoing issues that come with dog ownership and fur cleanup.

The biggest problem with having dogs is the amount of hair and fur that gets shed and embedded into carpeting, upholstery and throughout the house. While you can’t stop your dog from shedding, the major challenge remains how to remove dog fur from all household surfaces.

Vacuum cleaners and stiff bristle brooms are options, but they aren’t convenient. They also don’t do a good job and don’t perform well across multiple surfaces. They can also damage flooring, baseboards and furniture.

Yellowtop brushes have an electrostatic charge engineered to attract and grab dog hair from clothing better than a lint brush. Yellowtop brushes are designed to dig down deep into corners, chairs, and carpet to clean and scrub where other brushes simply cannot reach.

Wow, it gets the fur out.”


Yellowtop products are also multi-purpose and are engineered tough enough to use outdoors. They can be used wet or dry, indoors or outdoors. Many people keep on in the garage and one in their car to use to brush snow or leaves off of the windshield.





Yellowtop brushes remove dog fur from virtually any household surface. They are commercial grade and built to last because they are made in the USA. Yellowtop is a Midwest company based in St Louis, Missouri with a Midwest commitment to service.

Very impressive, quality seems to be top notch and nothing feels flimsy about the product.”

Here are some pro tips for optimal fur removal results:

  • Push down on your Yellowtop product and apply pressure while using
  • Pull the brush towards you for best results
  • Keep level with the surface you are brushing
  • Remove fur from brush before going over another section.

This thing is amazing. Requires a little extra effort compared to a vacuum, but worth it.”

Get one for the dog and one to use in the garage, patio or truck or minivan. Click now to save time and increase cleanliness!