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House Broom


Do you have an indoor pet or maybe several? If so, then you are already familiar with cleaning pet fur from sofas, chairs, rugs, virtually every surface in your house. Regardless of how much you love your pet, you probably have an entirely different opinion when it comes to their fur shedding... all over your home and your clothes and even in your car!

If you don’t clean up pet fur quickly, it accumulates and can become embedded in carpets and furniture. So the tricky question remains how do you get rid of pet fur from unwanted corners of the house and how do you do so quickly, easily and hassle free?

There are a lot of solutions for cleaning up pet fur. Finding a solution isn’t the challenge; finding a convenient solution that works well all of the time is a major challenge. Vacuum cleaners work well on some surfaces, less so on others. Vacuums are a pain to drag out of the closet and get hooked up two or more times a day just to live in a reasonably pet fur free house. Vacuums also smell funny, they can scratch baseboards and wood furniture and they aren’t easy when you need to use them over and over again for the same problem.

Brooms work too... kind of. Brooms are only good on a limited number of surfaces and even then they miss a great deal of the fur they are supposed to be picking up.

You need a solution that is quick, easy and consistently efficient on most all household surfaces. You need a solution that enables you to live in a clean environment without feeling that your day is managed by your cleaning schedule. 

Yellowtop products are electrostatically charged specifically to remove pet fur, fine dust and lint from virtually any household surface. The bristles are engineered to provide surface coverage tight enough to even be able to sweep up powdered sugar and dry flour. Yellowtop products are industrial grade cleaning tools engineered for commercial use and now in limited availability to homeowners. Yellowtop products are premium grade and quality made in the USA.

  • Will not damage surfaces
  • Designed specifically to get into tight corners and edges
  • Electrostatically charged to grip fur, dust and lint
  • Removes very fine and embedded pet hair
  • Disposes of dander which reduces allergic reactions
  • Reusable, no refill sheets required
  • Can be cleaned and sanitized – you can even put it in the dishwasher
  • Excellent on fabrics
  • Use as a lint broom
  • Colorfast, won’t discolor surfaces
  • Use on stairs
  • Works better than a vacuum
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Engineered to be durable enough to use outdoors
  • Multipurpose – sweep, scrub and squeegee
  • Use on cement surfaces like patios and garage floors
  • Use as an extended reach snow broom for windshields
  • Durable – made in the USA

Here are some pro tips for optimal fur removal results:

  • Push down on your Yellowtop product and apply pressure while using
  • Pull the broom towards you for best results
  • Keep level with the surface you are sweeping
  • Remove fur from broom before going over another section.

This thing is amazing. Requires a little extra effort compared to a vacuum, but worth it.”

Get one for the house, one to use in the garage and one for the truck, RV or minivan. Click here now to save time and increase cleanliness!